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A few words on the puzzler...

I still remember when I was young and had to miss a week of school because of chickenpox. For the 6-year-old Fabien, this meant only one thing: free hours of puzzling at home! From my first puzzle, which maybe had 20 pieces, to the 3141 Puzz3D New York city puzzle (which was completed during that chickenpox school vacation by the way), puzzling has been apart of my early childhood since I can remember.

Unfortunately, I had to put aside puzzling during my teenage years, since most of my time had to be dedicated either to school or piano. But, recently, a certain event called the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic apparently gave everyone some extra free time, allowing me to renew with a passion I had lost years ago. This also was the dawn of a new project: my Puzzle YouTube Channel.


          For beautiful cinematic shots and perfectly lit puzzle timelapses, look no further than Fabien Proulx-Tremblay’s absolute gem of a YouTube channel. This guy fuses incredible filming and editing skills with a palpable love of all things puzzling.

-Cloudberries Puzzle


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